Film Shooting in Mauritius

‘Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius’ ‘Mark Twain’

Mauritius offers one of the most amazing and unequaled resorts in the world with 330 km of sandy beaches, blue lagoons, waterfalls, green valleys, indigenous forests, luxuriant fauna and flora, volcanic mountain ranges, stable political environment, historical heritage and a rich multicultural population.

At certain mountainous locations you could think that you were in the Scottish Highlands on a deer hunt! This contrasts significantly with the cyber tower, the pioneer of the futuristic buildings that can be found at Ebène cyber city and employs 15,000 in ultramodern tower block locations. Here the likes of HSBC, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and modern private university complexes can be found.

Modern tower blocks contrast with period colonial houses that belonged to the plantation owners of yesteryear, along with modern beach villas and luxury hotel locations. You can also find rainforests, Swiss alpine-looking forest locations and plantations growing pineapple and sugarcane.

Obviously Mauritius is best known for its pristine palm-fringed beach locations and lagoons hosting everything from small craft to large catamarans and game fishing boats going about their tourist business. If you need to shoot underwater then you should also consider Mauritius as a possible location. A large group of dolphins provide a rare site off Tamarin Bay. The island also has plenty of both coastal and mountain road locations that are easy to lock off.

Moving to and from locations is easy too as long as you avoid the capital Port Louis at rush hour. A highway bisects the island running from north to south from the airport to Grand Baie, the main tourist hub.

The exceptional beach locations are the reason that Bollywood has been heading to Mauritius for years, coupled with obviously a large Indian population to use as background extras and no time difference. Bollywood filmed over 90 days on location in Mauritius in 2010.

It all started with the film Souten by the evergreen Rajesh Khanna, in year 1983. And since then, Mauritius has been the favourite shooting location for Bollywood movies. We have a long list of Bollywood movies that has been shot in Mauritius. To name few:

1. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
2. Mujse Shadi Karoge
3. Garam Masala
4. Hello Brother

& many more.. "Mauritius is a highly efficient place where you can get things done. 9am is 9am and yes means yes! Getting a main filming permit from the Mauritius Film Development Corporation takes just three days and this general filming permit is free! Location facility fees are reasonable with filming on location in a national park costing 2 - 3,000 rupees a day."

Local casting possibilities offer a host of interesting looks with different mixtures of European, African, Chinese and Indian, most of whom speak French, English and Hindi.